You expect lower cost and greater benefit.

We make it possible. UCS develops sizing solutions that help producers, retailers, and consumers alike. Its sizing solutions offer exact shoe measurements, and this optimizes the production, retail, and shopping processes. UCS tools and technologies are used by the leading brands, the retail industry, R&D institutions, and government institutions worldwide.

Help customers to select the best fitting shoe size and increase your shoe sales by using the SafeSize Recommender.

Solution for Online Shoe Retail

Online SafeSize Recommender

Consumers are still hesitant about buying shoes online because they are not sure the shoes will really fit without trying them on. A number of companies have started online shoe sales, but with very limited success.

Significantly, the return rate for online and mail order shoes is over 30%.

No foot-scanning needed!
Make your customers feel confident that they can buy shoes online!

Decrease customer returns and increase your conversion rate and online shoe sales!

Different sizing systems (EU, UK, US, Mondopoint, etc.) make it very difficult for a customer to choose the best size of a particular model. Just because a model size US 10 from one manufacturer fits well, it does not mean that the same size 
from a different manufacturer will fit. Frequently, even two models of the same size, from the same manufacturer, differ significantly. 

The new UCS technology increases customer's confidence that shoes can be bought online without previously trying them on.

Solution for In-store Shoe Retail

Children's SafeSize Recommender

Parents can become desperate when buying children's footwear. They would like their children to wear healthy shoes, but sales assistants do not have the tools to provide really good advice. Not surprisingly, researchers warn that more than 80% of children wear inappropriately sized shoes.


Outperform your competition and help parents buy properly fitting shoes for their children!


NEW technologies have enabled the development of a unique worldwide UCS Children's SafeSize Recommender.

It is not only based on foot length and width, but also on other foot dimensions, toe shape, foot growth and most importantly - the inner shoe dimensions. Using the Children's SafeSize Recommender, you will provide parents with accurate information about the right shoe size for the selected model considering all relevant factors, including projected growth of the child's foot over the coming months. 


Solution for Online & In-store Shoe Retail

In-store & Online SafeSize Recommender

For hundreds of years, the footwear-purchasing process has not changed. Different sizing systems made it very difficult for a consumer to choose the best size of a particular model. Artificial intelligence and high-tech solutions have finally come to footwear sales, so customers can now forget their shoe sizes and still be able to buy great fitting footwear in traditional stores and online!

Enable your customers to buy the best fitting shoes & forget about their sizes!

Use the newest technology and outperform your competition.
Increase your in-store and online shoe sales by more than 20%!

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